15 Food in the World 1-7

1. Tortilla (Mexico)

Based on the science of the origin of the word (etymological), the word tortilla comes from the word torta which means a round cake. In Mexico, Central America, USA and Canada, tortillas are made from corn or wheat and it’s unsweetened flat bread.

What is made of milled corn is a North American tortilla and is widely regarded as an 'authentic' tortilla. The fact is that this type of tortilla existed before the arrival of Europeans in the Americas, and got the name 'tortillas' from the Spaniards because of its resemblance to traditional Spanish pancakes and eggs.

2. Sill (Sweden)

Sill is a pickled fish from Sweden. Although it has a literal meaning pickled, in fact this food more resembles raw fish fermented with many spices. The longer it is stored, the spices are soaked into the fish so the smell becomes sharp.

These foods come in various variants such as onion, pepper and tomato mixtures, to mustard and usually served with bread or boiled eggs.

3. Shchi Soup (Russia)

Shchi is a traditional soup From Russia where it’s been well known from the 9th century, after cabbage was introduced from Byzantium. Its popularity in Russia comes from several factors. Shchi is very easy to prepare because it can be cooked with or without various types of meat.

These soup ingredients include meat (especially pork), cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions and spices.

4. Schwarzwalder kirschtorte (Germany)

Schwarzwalder kirschtorte or cake known as Black Forest cake is the most famous German cake in the world. This cake is made from chocolate sponge coated with fresh cream, chocolate and cherry shavings immersed in Kirschwasser, a distinctive cherry schnapps typical of the Schwarzwälder (Black Forest) region.

There are several theories that mention the origin of this cake.First, the shavings of chocolate on the cake may symbolize the Black Forest. Secondly, it may be because his name contains the word Kirschwasser which is the hallmark of the Black Forest region. Third, some say that his name comes from a black Forest women's black outfits with white blouses and white hats and red balls represented by cherries.

5. Bakpao steamed (China)

Bakpao is a traditional Chinese food. Known as a bakpao in Indonesia because it is absorbed from the Hokkien language spoken by the majority of Chinese people in Indonesia. Pao means a package, and the tub means meat, so bakpao means a packet (containing) meat.

At first the most commonly used meat is pork. However, bakpao can also be filled with other ingredients such as chicken meat, vegetables, soybean jam, azuki beans, green beans, and so on. The skin itself is made from flour dough given the yeast and then steamed until cooked.

6. Pizza (Italian)

Pizza is a flat rounded bread baked in the oven then smeared with tomato sauce and mozarella cheese. Typically pizza is also added topping ingredients according to taste such as sausage, meat, peppers, mushrooms, and others. This food is popular with people of all ages we can get it very easily in various fast-food restaurants or messaging services between.

Pizza known for ages, shaped with other pizzas today. The pizza we know now dates back to about 1600 and the pizza was not tainted with tomato sauce on it. Then in the 1800s Pizza with ketchup was brought by an Italian immigrant from Napoli to New York, USA.

7. Beef Bourguignon (France)

Beef Bourguignon is a very popular French cuisine. This stew
dish is made from beef that is cut into small boxes and then boiled in red
wine, burgundy, onion, and mushrooms.

Over time, this dish became the standard of French cuisine.
The recipe of this cuisine has somehow undergone some changes in cooking
equipment and available groceries. Yet many people are still following the
authentic bourguignon beef cooking method first described by Auguste Escoffier.

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