Vegetarian Recipes

For people who start to understand
health, it will start with changing the diet to be healthier. Setting a healthy
diet was initially quite difficult, but over time if it is used it will be
easier. One way to manage a healthy diet is to start a vegetarian. As already
in the know if vegetarian is keeping the diet without eating meats. No need to
worry to become a vegetarian because actually a lot of vegetarian recipes that
have a very delicious flavor to eat.

Beginning to become a vegetarian is quite difficult because
you have to get used to not eating a variety of foods made from meat.
Vegetarians are required to consume vegetables and to get intake of protein
sources can be obtained from other sources that are not meat. But it does not
need to be worried because now thanks to a growing cooking innovation, you are
a vegetarian can also taste a dish similar to meat but certainly not real meat.
Have you heard about gluten? Well, gluten is what will become a substitute for
meat for you who yearn with the flavor of the meat. Gluten can be made into a
vegetarian recipe that is very delicious and also healthy of course.

Basically, gluten is a meat substitute that can be consumed
by vegetarians. This gluten can be made as a regular side dish as side dish to
eat rice. Gluten is a basic ingredient that can be processed into a variety of
delicious vegetarian recipes to eat. To produce gluten alias make gluten easy
enough, just need some simple materials that can easily found in market.
However, to produce gluten this does take a long time considering the process
of manufacture that must be considered in order to produce the perfect gluten.
No need to worry because although the manufacture is long enough, but can provide
satisfaction for you vegetarians who miss eating meat. Given the process of
manufacture that takes a long time, it's good to directly make enough anyak as
a stock that can be stored in a refrigerator and can be used periodically.

Here are the ingredients of vegetarian recipes especially to
make gluten :

    About 9 bowls of
wheat flour

    Sugar to taste

    Salt to taste

    3 Water bowls

    Soy sauce

Here is a way to make vegetarian recipes that you can do,
make sure according to the step by step below for maximum results:

    The first step is
to input the flour into a large container, then give salt to taste according to
taste but make sure not to overdo it. After that pour the water that has been
provided previously little by little until the dough becomes very thick. This
dough viscosity greatly affects the texture of gluten, if you want a chewy
gluten texture then just give a little water, and vice versa if you want a soft
gluten texture then give plenty of water.

    After that, let
the dough for about 5 hours in a clean place while covered with a damp cloth.
If it's 5 hours, wash the dough under the water flowing little by little to get
the juice or the results are shaped like rubber. Wash until the water wash
clear. After the washing
process is complete, then take the gluten essence by rolling. Once the gluten
extract is collected, prepare as much as 1/2 liter of water, then give 1
teaspoon of fine salt and also 3 tablespoons of soy sauce. Stir until dissolved
then soak the gluten into the spice mixture for the night.

    After the gluten
immersion process is complete, the next is boiled gluten marinated with boiling
water temperature around 70-80 degrees Celsius or with a small fire for
approximately 5-10 hours. For this boiling process can be done according to
taste because basically the longer the boiling process is done, eat will the
better quality of fiber that can be produced. Even the old boiling process is
also very decisive texture of gluten like the original meat.

    When the boiling
process has been completed, then chill in the first gluten produced. Then fry
gluten in boiling oil, not too long, just until brownish only. After that, gluten
can be stored in a cooler and use it at any time to cook the variety of recipes
you want.

From vegetarian recipes above, it turns out to be a
vegetarian it is not difficult isn’t? You can still eat delicious tasty and
certainly stay healthy. Start changing your lifestyle to a healthier person
starting with being a vegetarian. Thank you for taking the time to read,
hopefully this information can provide many benefits for you.

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