Food Fact 111-163

111. Frank Mars is the inventor of Snickers chocolate. The
name Snickers is taken from the name of his favorite horse.

112. The Hershey manufacturer's Kisses name is used because
the hook paper to carry it looks like kissing.

113. Saddam Hussein likes Bounty Bars.

114. Prior to 1991, Twix Bars was better known as

115. The Arabs who discovered Caramel.

116. Before Walkers had Wotsits, they had sold rivals known
as Cheetos in the UK market.

117. The word M's in M ​​& M's stands for "Mars
& Murrie", the founder of the candy brand.

118. Twinkies initially had a banana flavor, but later moved
into a vanilla flavor during World War 2, due to cessation of banana

119. The Cadburry Cream Egg was first sold in 1971.

120. Kit Kat was originally made by Rowntree Limited, until
1988 was finally purchased by Nestle.

121. Juicy Fruit and Spearmint gum Wrigley's products are
over 100 years old.

122. The world's oldest chocolate is 106 years old, the
chocolate of King Edward VII's coronation from 1902.

123. Yorkie Chocolate is not for women.

124. Pringles was first sold in America in 1968 but was not
well known until the mid-1970s.

125. Chocolate can kill dogs, which can attack the heart and
nervous system.

126. Chocolate was once used as a currency.

127. Gummy Bears are only 79 millimeters in length.

128. Dunkin 'Donats in South Korea offers a taste of Kimchi
Kroket and Garlic Layer.

129. McDonald sells 75 hamburgers every second of the day.

130. Hamburger was invented in 1900 by Louis Lassen. He
grinded the beef, boiled it, and served it between two slices of toast.

131. The first round donut cake was produced in 1847 by a
15-year-old baker apprentice named Hanson Gregory.

132. The oldest gum in the world has been 9000 years old.

133. Frank Epperson of California invented the Popsicle in
1905 when he was 11 years old.

134. Hostess Twinkies was discovered in 1931 by James Dewar,
a manager of the Chicago Bakeries Continental factory. Originally named Little
Shortcake Finger, it later turned into Twinkie Fingers, and was eventually
named "Twinkies"

135. One hamburger can contain meat from 100 different cows.

136. Potato ships were discovered in Saratoga Springs in
1853 by chef George Crum in response to a complaining customer that his French
fries were too thin.

137. Baskin Robbins once made an ice-cream taste of soy sauce.

138. Ice cream soda was discovered in 1874 by Robert Green.
She presents a mixture of syrup, sweet cream and carbonated water at a
celebration in Philadelphia.

139. Ice cream is usually eaten between the hours of 09:00
to 11:00.

140. Costoreum, used as a vanilla flavor in sweets and other
foods, actually originates from the beaver's anal glands.

141. The food red coloring, which is used on Skittles and
other sweets, is made from a type of beetle decoction.

142. L-cysteine ​​softener, used in bread, made of human
hair and duck feather.

143. Potentially lethal brain fungi are considered delicious
in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the upper Great Lake region in North

144. If miscreated, fugu or bloated fish, will kill you
because it contains 1200 times more deadly toxic than cyanide.

145. Despite the different colors, the taste of Fruit Loop
candies are all the same.

146. The most expensive fruit in the world is the Japanese
Yubari melon that once sold at auction for $ 23,500.

147. Canola oil was originally termed rapeseed oil but was
later reprocessed by the Canadian oil industry in 1978 to eliminate negative
connotations. The name "Conola" is an abbreviation for "Canadian

148. Chuck E. Cheese pizza restaurant was built by the
inventor of an Atari video game system called Nolan Bushnell.

149. "SPAM" stands for "Spiced Ham"
(spiced pork)

150. Crackers, like Saltines, have small holes, to avoid air
bubbles during the combustion process.

151. One of the most water-rich foods is cucumber, whose
water content reaches 96%.

152. Thomas Jefferson was the first person to serve French
fries in America, in a white building.

153. Pretzel cake was invented by an Italian priest who
initially drew the children to memorize scriptural texts. Therefore the shape
of this cake resembles the arms crossed like the position of the person is

154. 20 oz. Coca-Cola bottles contain more sugar than sugar
content in large Cinnabon cakes. When you drink 20 oz. (1.5 oz = 1 shot glass)
Coca Cola means you consume 65 grams of sugar = 2.43 oz = 1.77 shot.

155. Suppose we can only save a quarter of the wasted food
in the world, it can be used to feed the 870 million people who are starving.

156. Apples, potatoes, and onions will taste the same when
eaten with a closed nose.

157. Almost all cereal products for breakfast are made from

158. According to research, an average of 70% of the ice
used in fast food restaurants is more sloppy than toilet water.

159. Pankake Aut Jemima found in 1889 is the first
ready-mixed meal that is sold.

160. Nutmeg will be very toxic if injected through the

161. According to research in 2008 states that fast food Hamburger
made only from 12% meat. The rest consists of water, bone, bone, plant
material, and parasites.

162. Beef soup, Goulash, comes from Hungary in the 9th

163. Saffron, made from the stamens of Crocus flower, is the
most expensive medicinal herb in the world.

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