Pepe and Pukis Indonesian Cake Recepies

Who does not know this one? Yes, pepe cake is one type of
cake that much-loved many people. Well it turns out the main ingredients used
in making this pepe cake recipe is sago flour. So no wonder if the pepe cake
has a chewy texture and legit when eaten.

Sago pepe cake is usually made in a variety of layers of
color, and the color that is most often used are red and green.

Well the process of making this pepe cake needs a little
accuracy, ranging from processing to steaming.

Materials needed to make pepe cake:

    300 grams of Sago

    250 grams of Sand

    100 grams of Rice

    800 ml Santan from
processed 2 Coconuts

    ½ teaspoon Salt

    ½ teaspoon Vanilla

    Cooking Oil to

    Food coloring
(adjust the taste but commonly used colors are green and red)

Well after you prepare all the ingredients above, please see
how to make this pepe cake more.

How to make sago pepe cake a chewy and legit:

    First you mix 50
grams of sago flour and also 50 ml coconut milk, you stir briefly until liquid.

    Then you pour 200ml
of coconut milk that you boil before, then you add sugar and stir-stir until

    The rest of the
flour mixed with vanilla, rice flour and salt.

    Next you pour the
coconut milk into a sago batter that has been cold while you knead and pour
with the remaining coconut milk little by little until the dough becomes

    You for the dough
into several parts, prepare a baking sized 20 x 20cm then you spread with
cooking oil.

    Pour +/- 5
tablespoons of white dough, then steam for 5 minutes.

    Then pour +/- 5
tablespoons again another colorful dough, then steam again for 5 minutes and so
on until the dough runs out.

    You steam back
until the pepe cake is fully cooked.

    If he thinks it is
cooked, you let the moment cool the cake.

    Cut the pepper
cake, take a knife and coat it with banana leaves or a clean plastic to avoid
sticking when cutting the pepe cake.

Well that's the recipe for sago pepe cake that is chewy and
legit when eaten, please you try it yourself at home.

Pukis Cake is one of the traditional wet cake that is quite
popular among the people of Indonesia. The texture of this cake is very soft,
so very good once eaten.

The process of making pie cake is also quite easy, because
in addition to materials that are easy to get, how to make it also very simple.
But you also have to have a deeper precision to make it.

Materials needed :

    150 grams of Wheat

    180 ml Santan

    100 grams of Sugar

    ½ tablespoon
Instant Yeast

    3 eggs Chicken

    60 ml Warm Water

    1 piece of Potato,
then you wash and cut into 2 parts, then you boil until tender and you puree

Topping material:

    1 Cheese stick,
then you grate

    Chocolate Mesis to

Well after you prepare all the ingredients, please see how
to make this pie cake more.

How to make a pie recipe:

    First you cook the
coconut milk to boil, then lift and let stand until warm.

    Then you take the
yeast and put into warm water and stir until frothy.

    You shake the egg
and mix it with sugar, whisk until stiff, thick and fluffy. Add the flour
gradually while stirring constantly, if you use a mixer to stir it at low
speed. If the material is well blended immediately insert other ingredients.

    Next you enter the
yeast solution, fine potatoes and also coconut milk, shake until evenly

    Let stand for 15

    Heat a medium-heat
paint, make sure the mold is hot evenly, apply a mold with margarine.

    Add 2/3 dough to
the mold and cover it.

    If the dough has
begun to mature, immediately sprinkle with toppingnya material and close again.

    If it is cooked,
remove and serve.

Well that's what the process of making a pie cake recipe,
the process requires a little accuracy so that the resulting taste is also
delicious and delicious.

You can also vary on toppings with other ingredients, such
as jam, nuts, raisins and more.

Please try it yourself.

Good luck.

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