Food in the World 8-15

8. Haupia (Hawaii)

Haupia is a traditional dessert of milk and coconut milk pudding often found in Hawaii. Since World War II, these foods are popular for use as white cake toppings at weddings. But now usually dessert is more often presented with a box shape.

9. Pork Pie (England)

Pork Pie is a typical British traditional meat pie. This pie is made with stuffed minced pork wrapped in pastry paste and baked. These pies are usually served cold and eaten as a snack or served with a salad.

10. Sushi (Japanese)

Sushi is a Japanese food consisting of rice clenched with side dishes of seafood, meat, raw or cooked vegetables then dicocol with soy sauce and wasabi.

The sushi rice has a delicate sour taste because it is flavored with a mixture of rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. Currently not only in Japan, all over the world including Indonesia itself also has many restaurants that serve this food.

11. Tom Yum (Thailand)

Tom Yum is a soup coming from Thailand. This soup is one of the most popular Thai food in the world. In Thailand, Tom Yum is usually made with the main ingredients of shrimp, chicken, fish, or mushrooms.

12. Rendang (Indonesia)

Who are people who do not know our own typical country cuisine? Rendang is a spicy flavored meat dish that uses a mixture of various herbs and spices. This cuisine is produced from a heated cooking process repeatedly with coconut milk for hours to dry and solid black.

In 2011, rendang was crowned as the first ranked dish in the list of 50 World's Tasting Courses held by CNN International. Rendang is commonly found in Padang Restaurant around the world and this dish is popular among Indonesian people as well as countries in Southeast Asia.

13. Kimchi (Korea)

Kimchi is a pickled vegetable fermented with spicy seasoning. The most commonly made kimchi vegetables are radishes and mustard greens. After salted and washed, the vegetables are mixed with herbs made from krill shrimp, fish sauce, garlic, ginger and red chili powder.

Kimchi is usually placed at the dinner table as a companion of dishes similar to pickles, but not infrequently kimchi mixed directly into the cuisine such as fried rice or soup.

14. Curry (India)

Surely we are not foreign anymore with this one cuisine. Curry is a native Indian dish that is usually eaten with rice or naan bread. And because it is cooked with a lot of spices, this dish has a sharp taste and spicy.

The herbs and spices used to make the curry are very diverse. Curry powder or masala is a mixture of various types of herbs and spices that were first made by the British in the days of the British Empire for longing with Indian curry. Now the popularity of this cuisine has spread all over the world and the types of charcoal are tailored to the tastes of each country.

15. Jerk Chicken (Jamaica)

Having a unique name, what is meant by 'jerk' here is the
Jamaican cook method where there are 2 methods of cooking meat, dried meat or
meat doused with special sauces.

'Jerk' is a native Jamaican cooking style in which dried or
wet meat is soaked with a hot spice mixture. Seasonings are traditionally used
for cooking pork and chicken, but in modern recipes they use the spice mixture
for fish, shrimp, mussels, beef, sausage, lamb, vegetables and tofu.

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