4 Diet Facts and 6 Surprising Facts of Foods Industries

There are some food myths you need to stop believing, as some of them can only cause weight gain. Curious what?

Quoting from boldsky, Saturday (12/08/2017), in this article, we have listed some myths about foods that can cause weight gain.

1. Throw away the egg yolks

Choosing just for egg whites is really a myth. Egg yolk contains healthy fatty acids and micronutrients such as selenium boost immunity and vitamin B. Yellow is full of cholesterol diet that helps weight loss.

Now it's time you started saying yes to eggs. This is one of the myths about food that can cause weight gain.

2. Limit protein

Excessive amounts of protein will not really increase your muscle mass, but will be stored as fat. Your body can only handle 30 grams of protein in one setting.

3. Drink only water

Water is excellent for hydration. But this does not mean you have to say no to green tea. Green tea is a boost to increase metabolism and it also helps you reduce sugar and sweet. It is also one of the food myths that can lead to weight gain.

4. You do not have dinner

Going to sleep when hungry can lower your blood sugar levels and can cause your night anxiety. This can cause you to crave carbohydrates the next day.

Eating a snack just before going to bed will keep your blood sugar stable and glucagon fat-burning hormones can then do its job. This is one of the food myths that can cause weight gain.


Six of These Foods Have Surprising Facts That You Did not Know, And Almost Every Day Consumed

The variety of packaged foods on the market make food industries competing to create products that captivate consumers. Various ways to make their products appear to attract buyers, such as making ads with promising sentences, offering promotional prices , using celebrity services for promotion, and more.

The majority of us as consumers only serve as lovers only. Not many know how exactly the product is made. Though most of the food in the packaging does not match our expectations actually you know. As dilansir from Brightside , following a series of products that we often meet in the market and the composition contained in it. Some even quite loved in Indonesia you know!

1. Corn cereal, there are secrets that you do not yet know

Make you a fan of cereal menu for breakfast, get ready for heartbreak, Guys. Behind the delicious corn cereal combined with milk, the composition is not as you imagine. You are wrong to think this cereal is made with 100% original corn because most of the composition is corn flour and sugar! Yes, the content of sugar or fructose in this cereal is quite high until nutritionists do not recommend consumed by children every day. Sadly, most manufacturers do not mention the fructose content in the packaging

2. Potato chips, not as healthy as the ad

We often eat ads that show the process of making potato chips are processed from the original and fresh potatoes. Whereas about 42 percent of the composition comes from potato starch. The rest are oil, corn flour, salt, and addictive substances. Though these snacks include a favorite in Indonesia to accompany a relaxing time ..

3. Nutella, there are limitations you know

Who does not like phenomenal jam this one? Nutella is often seen in many Hollywood movies. No wonder many people are looking for him. The price is quite expensive do not discourage people to buy. However, among many fans, only a handful understands that the composition of brown jam is dominated by sugar. Other ingredients are oil, nuts, a little chocolate and milk powder. The remaining additives. The high content of sugar in it makes the experts only recommend to consume no more than 2 tablespoons per day.

4. Tomato sauce, it's mostly water

Almost in every restaurant, especially fast food restaurants, tomato sauce is always on the table every visitor. Many Indonesians are also big fans of this product. Maybe you are one of them. But do you know that almost 50 percent of the ingredients are water? Yes, water! While the rest is a tomato concentrate mixed with sugar, flour or corn syrup, and other preservatives. The content of tomatoes in each brand of tomato sauce varies, depending on the quality and price.

5. Sweetened condensed milk, it's just Sugar

A can of sweetened condensed milk has more sugar than milk itself. Some manufacturers even reduce their milk content and replace it with vegetable fat and artificial thickeners. Duh, but the goal is to drink milk so it's healthy ..

6. White chocolate

Original chocolate should only be made from cocoa butter from cocoa trees. However, chocolate bar manufacturers usually mix it with palm oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. Addictive ingredients are also used as fragrances and preservatives. If you already know the ingredients are not from 100 percent chocolate like this, consume every day is definitely not the right decision yes.

No need to be a nutritionist to be able to sort out which food products are safe to eat and which are not. Especially in the era of information disclosure as now, many articles are found containing tips on choosing healthy and safe packaging food.

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