Dendeng Balado and Beef Semur Recepies

Dendeng balado is a typical menu in Padang restaurant
that has many variations. Dried dried fried jerky is a practical way to make
this Minang original cuisine in addition to being burnt. Beef jerky cow recipe
with simple balado chilli seasoning this time is an easy tips to process
home-style cow dumplings without dried the sun that the results are delicious
and crunchy but tender when bitten.

Beef jerky creations are beef that is sliced ​​wide, then
beaten to be flat and soft like empal gepuk which can be served spicy with red
balado spice and green chilli (lado mudo) even sprinkling fried onion.

In general, better known as dried jerky and wet jerky, but
there are many variations. Dry jerky balado, smoked, barcik, lambok are some
kind of popular jerky based on how to process it, not to mention the
combination then no wonder if in every restaurant Padang also has different
creations as well.

Balady Beef Recipe Recipe Balado

Beef jerky beaten (smoked) after previously boiled (ungkep)
first with spices and spices that make it more tender and seep. So that the
dish of jerky with balado seasoning this time can provide variation of home
menu with special taste.

Cara Membuat Dendeng Balado

Preparation of materials

Ingredients :

    1 kg of beef

    to taste cooking

Seasoning of meat stew:

    5 cloves of
garlic, puree

    1 tbsp coriander,

    2 sprigs of lemon

    4 cm galangal

    2 bay leaves

    2 tbsp brown sugar

    1 tbsp tamarind

    2 pieces of pekak
(flower mace)

    1 tsp salt

    600 ml of water

Balado spice (puree):

    10 pieces of red
curly pink

    5 large red

    5 onions

    3 cloves of garlic

    1/2 teaspoon salt

    1/2 tsp sugar

    150 ml of water

How to Make Dendeng Balado

    Beef cut thin and
wipe clean, put in a pan or pan with all the meat stew seasoning. Cover the
pan, then cook until the meat is tender and the water is almost empty while
occasionally stirring.

    Lift the meat and
drain, let cool and seasoning permeate, then geprek with meat batter or hit
with a stone ulekan until flat (not too strong).

    Fry jerky in hot
oil until crisp and blackish brown, remove and drain. (keep from burning or not
too black while still in the frying pan).

    Blend balado
seasoning by way of blended or blended roughly, next saute spice balado with a
little oil only until cooked and dry, beef jerky was ready to be served with a
spice balado.

Beef Semur

Having a very special taste, the recipe of beef stew is also
a familiar way for Betawi people in cooking good beef. Making stews sometimes
mixed potatoes, because it is suitable when eaten in a dark chocolate sauce
from a mixture of soy sauce and various spices.

According to wikipedia, Semur itself comes from the Dutch
"Smoor" which is how to boil meat in a long time to soft. Indonesia
is called as a country rich in spices, it would not be surprised if the dish
stew has become a typical dish of the archipelago that has many variations of

Not only be a prima donna in Betawi culture that has made
the stews as part of the tradition. Semur also often appear during Lebaran and
celebration events in various corners of the archipelago such as Borneo and
Sumatra, which of course with the taste and appearance that is tailored to the
tastes of the local community.

Simple tips for cooking the daily beef stew in the home
becomes easier and faster, is not too thick in cutting the beef, the thinner
the faster the soft, so we also do not need to boil it first which usually
makes the taste of meat becomes less savory and fresh.

Seasoning Ingredients

    500 grams of beef,
choose beef without or little fat

    2 sprigs of lemon

    3 pieces of orange

    2 bay leaves

    3 cm cinnamon

    3 cloves

    5 tablespoons soy
sauce keto bango

    1 tsp salt

    ½ teaspoon flavor

    1200 ml of water

    Oil to stir fry

Ground spices :

    1 teaspoon
coriander, roasted (fry with wok without oil)

    1/4 teaspoon
cumin, roasted

    ½ tsp nutmeg,

    4 grains of pecan,

    7 grains of red

    4 cloves garlic

    3 cm ginger

    ½ tsp pepper /
grain pepper

How to Make Beef Semur

    Wash off beef and
cut into chunks but not too thick to soften quickly.

    Heat the oil to
taste, saute the spices smooth, with lemongrass, cloves, lime leaves, bay
leaves and cinnamon, and stir until fragrant.

    Enter the meat
cut, stir well and wait until it changes color. After that pour water, mix well
then cover the pan and continue cooking until boiling, stirring occasionally.
Add salt and flavor, stir well and then cover the pan again.

    After the sauce
begins to decrease, pour the sweet soy sauce and mix well and cover the wok
again. Cook until the beef is tender and the sauce is quite thick, the beef
stew is ready to be served. 

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