Food Fact 1-60

1. The oldest evidence of the soup is from the year 6000 BC
which used to be made of sparrow and hippo meat.

2. About 70% of olive oil sold is not genuine olive oil.

3. A ripe berries (cranberis) will be bounced like a rubber

4. Ortharexia Nervosa is an eating disorder in which
patients are obsessed with eating healthful foods.

5. Cooking phobia is known as Mageirocophobia.

6. Vegetable pobia is called Lachanophobia.

7. Alliumphobia is afraid of eating garlic.

8. Geomelophagia is someone who wants to eat raw potatoes.

9. Arachibutyrophobia is a fear of peanut butter that will
stick to the roof of the mouth.

10. High hat chef named Toque.

11. Soy sauce was sold in 1830-a as a medicine for diarrhea.

12. Tea bags (tea bags) were introduced in 1908 by Thomas
Sullivan from New York.

13. Honey is the only food that can not be stale. Honey can
last up to 3000 years.

14. Honey bee workers should visit 2 million flowers to
produce one honey pond.

15. Honey is absorbed from nectar and vomit of wasps.

16. Coconut water in an emergency can be used instead of
blood plasma.

17. There is a food substitute to meet daily nutritional
needs called "Soylent"

18. Chicken contains 266% more fat than chicken fat content
40 years ago.

19. Cheese is the most stolen food in the world.

20. Scientists can turn peanuts into pearls.

21. The average person in America consumes 35 tons of food
in his entire life.

22. Fortune sookies (fortune sookies) are not derived from
Chinese tradition. This cake was discovered in 1900 in San Francisco.

23. Chop-suey is not Chinese but is created in California by
Chinese immigrants.

24. In China there is an average fake egg factory per
employee can make 1500 per day.

25. Dynamite is made from peanut.

26. Rice can be used to make beer, dog food, baby food,
breakfast porridge, snack, food and solid sauces.

27. There are 7000 kinds of apples around the world.

28. Peanuts are actually not the type of beans but the type
of plant pods.

29. Apples, pear, cherries, and strawberries are a kind of
flower family.

30. Cornflakes have more genes than humans.

31. The cashew nut (cashew) is not a kind of nuts but it is included
in the berries.

32. No single food can meet all human nutritional needs
except breast milk (breast milk).

33. The food menu on the plane is very uncomfortable,
because at a certain height our sense of taste has decreased 20 to 50 percent.

34. Eskimos use refrigerators to avoid food so as not to

35. Often eat fast food will affect the liver that is as
peyakit hepatitis.

36. In America, food allergies in children cost nearly $ 25
billion each year.

37. Imagine the favorite foods that we like to release or
release the hormone dopamine, the hormone happy feeling that also came out
during sex and also used in illegal drugs.

38. 49% of adult Americans eat Sandwich once a day.

39. Nutella bottles sold within a year can cover the Great
Wall of China 8 times.

40. Man has killed 1776 animals in one second to meet his
dietary needs.

41. India's lowest meat consuming in the world.

42. The world's highest-consuming Australian meat-eating
person, who spends nearly 200 lbs each year. After Australia is the Americans
who consume the most meat.

43. Fish octopus eaten alive in Korea.

44. Nearly 70% of the red meat eaten in the world is goat

45. Eating too much meat can speed up your bilogical age.

46. ​​Popcorn sales in cinemas are much higher than beef

47. Casu Marzu is a traditional Sardinian goat's milk cheese
(Italian) which contains live maggots.

48. Since 2015, forbidden to throw food in the city of

49. In the last 100 years most Americans spent 43% of their
jobs on food. While now only 7%.

50. Norman Ernest Borlaug, an agricultural scientist, who
invented a new way of farming 4 times more food, so he has saved more than 1
billion human lives, so he is considered one of the most influential people in

51. In 2012 divers discover shipwrecks that drowned
2000-year-old ancient Roman relics, complete with intact foods stored in
storage jugs.

52. In South India one will roll over to ask for the excess
of the remaining food offered to the Brahmins with the confidence that he will
later be eased in his life and his illness will heal.

53. California is the fifth largest foodmaker in the world.

54. On August 10, 2015, NASA astronauts first enjoyed food
cultivated in outer space.

55. Hot dogs are the first food eaten on the moon. Apollo 11
astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin Jr. eating hot dogs in 1969 in

56. The winner of the Hot Dog Nathan Food Competition in
2013 managed to eat hot dogs as much as 69 hor dogs within 10 minutes.

57. In America, as many as 40% of food products can not be
sold or eaten, because of their ugly or disgusting forms.

58. High-frequency sounds will add sweetness to the food,
whereas a low-frequency sound will make the food unpalatable.

59. According to research in 2015, people who like to eat
spicy will live long.

60. Alcohol taken at food will inhibit the absorption of
food in the body.

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