Food Fact 61-110

61. The source of the spicy flavor of the chilli is not
derived from the seeds but from the white essence contained therein.

62. Viktoria-era nutritionist who earned the nickname
"Great Masticator" stated that food should be pulverized 100 times
per minute before swallowing.

63. Americans eat 500 million peanut puds a year, enough to
coat the Grand Canyon floor.

64. In 2016, street food vendors in Singapore are awarded a
Michelin star.

65. The ancient Egyptians were the first to make sweets or
candies from marshmallows, by mixing the sap with grains and honey.

66. The ancient Greeks chewed gum-like objects called
Mastic, which came from bark.

67. Viktoria people believe that tomatoes will cause pain
unless boiled first.

68. In Europe in the 16th century there was the belief that
people who ate tomatoes would turn into wolves.

69. According to research, tomatoes will feel less good when

70. There are 10,000 species of tomatoes in the world.

71. Carrots do not contain any fats.

72. A large portion of the wasabi eaten is not the original
wasabi, but the colorful radish plant.

73. The definition of sayursan is not scientifically clear,
therefore it is still acceptable to include tomatoes into vegetables.

74. London has more Indian restaurants than in Mumbai or in
New Delhi itself.

75. In the Middle Ages, black pepper was a luxurious and
expensive item that could be used to pay taxes.

76. Tiramisu in Italian means "pick me up".

77. Before the Columbian Exchange, no oranges in Florida, no
bananas in Ecuador, no potatoes in Ireland, no coffee in Colombia, no pineapple
in Hawaii, no rubber trees in Africa, none tomatoes in Italy, and no chocolate
in Switzerland.

78. Many Catholics urge Pope Clement VII to ban coffee, for
he considers it a "demon drink". But when the Pope tasted a coffee
drink he said "... delicious, we will sin if we let only the people
outside us drink it".

79. According to research, the way you serve food or drink
is to determine the taste of the meu. Hot chocolate will taste delicious when
served in orange glass.

80. Eating chocolate before studying or going to school
exams will make you quickly understand the lesson.

81. The original recipe for the Margherita pizza is made up
of three Italian flag colors, resulting in three pizzas, green for basil
leaves, red for tomatoes, and white for mozzarella.

82. The name Margherita pizza is derived from the name
Margherita of Savoy, the Italian queen from 1878-1900, the wife of king Umberto

83. One of the most expensive pizzas in the world is
"Pizza Royale 007", which comes with fish or caviar eggs, lobster and
24 carat gold dust. This pizza is sold for £ 4200.

84. Pizza Hut was founded by two brothers by borrowing $ 600
from her mother in 1958 to open a pizza place.

85. Pizza Hut uses over 300 million cheese powders annually,
which means it must require about 170,000 cows to be taken.

86. It is almost impossible to know the ingredients used by
Papa John in the fruit of his pizza.

87. The largest menu of cuisines in the world is grilled
camel. Inside the intact camel meat is filled with whole goats and goats filled
with chicken that has been filled with fish and fish has been filled with eggs.
This menu is usually served at Bedouin weddings.

88. You can buy ice cream taste eel in Japan.

89. There is an amusement park in Tokyo that offers horse
meat ice cream.

90. Starbucks donates 100% of its remaining food in
cooperation with non profit organization Feeding America.

91. The city of Oatman, Arizona, held an egg frying contest
using solar energy every July 4th.

92. You can cook eggs on the sidewalk in a temperature of 70
degrees Celsius.

93. Watermelon steak is highly recommended by most recipe
books as meat substitutes for vegetarians.

94. The red color that comes out of the steak is not the
blood of the flesh, but Myoglobin. All the blood in the meat has been removed
from the steak.

95. The weight of watermelon 92% is the weight of the water
it contains.

96. Apples float in water, because 25% of apples consist of

97. Oklahoma national vegetables are watermelon.

98. Watermelon is the first water jug ​​or vessel used by
Africans when crossing the desert, so they have water supplies.

99. The statement that "breakfast is the most important
food of the day" comes from a marketing advertisement company trying to
sell its grains in 1944.

100. In his youth in 1912, the former Vietnamese president,
Ho Chi Minh, once worked as a maid of a chef on American ships.

101. Piranha soup is famous in Brazil as a stimulant of sex

102. One of the most popular pizza toping in Brazil is green

103. In South America, termites and ants, burned and eaten
like eating popcorn.

104. In Kentucky, it is forbidden to pocket the ice cream
cones in the back pockets of the pants.

105. Contong ice cream was invented in 1904.

106. In 2001, in the UK, there were 300 accidents caused by
bananas, and most fell because of slipping banana peels.

107. There are 600 forms of pasta produced worldwide

108. On August 9th commemorated National Rice Pudding Day
(National Pudding Day Day)

109. October is the National Pasta Month.

110. Every Easter day there are 16 million jellies made,
which when pulled will be able to circle the earth three times.

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