8 Surprising Food Facts You May Not Know!

Behind the delights of every food that exists around the
world, there are a variety of unique and interesting facts that will surprise
people. Want to know what are some surprising facts about foods you may not
know yet? Let's see the following Qraved summary!

1. Lobster Food The Slaves!

In the past, before you were born, precisely in the 1800s,
lobsters were very cheap and considered waste food all over the country. Hence,
many people make lobter as food given to slaves and prisoners. Wow, so
different now same lobster today that the price is very expensive and only a
rich person who can enjoy it. How many times do you eat lobsters a year?

2. Russians Eat Frogs Wear Milk

Before in Indonesia there is a menu made from the main
ingredient of frogs, it turns out there are some countries such as Russia and
Finland who had previously consumed frog chocolate. Surprisingly, they consume
them alive and added milk. Yikes! You dare to try it?

3. Thinking About Food Can Make Happy!

If you often think about favorite foods every midnight, keep
thinking about them because they are so many benefits and make you happy.
According to research, thinking of favorite foods can trigger the release of
dopamine as when people have sex or using drugs. Well, rather than you do
drugs, mending your favorite food, right? Yes, although you will starve also
the tip.

4. Today Chicken VS Old time Chicken

Eits, do not think weird chickens first you know, yes! This
is the chicken you used to make as your daily diet. So, studies show that the
fat content in chickens is now 266% higher when compared to chickens 40 years
ago. Hmm, maybe this is due to technological development, huh? Or because his
chick seldom sport?

5. Many Foods Wasted Every Year

Are there any of you who often throw food away? This is what
ultimately causes almost half the food around the world to be wasted. Just
imagine how much junk food is collected each year. Therefore, since 2015,
throwing food is illegal in Seattle. Maybe this is the reason why parents tell
their children to always eat the food, right?

6. Honey Will not Decompose

Do you know if honey can be crowned as one of the most
faithful foods in the world? Yup, this is due to the fact that honey,
especially pure honey will not be able to rot. In fact, they can last up to
3000 years old, you know! Defeat your love to him.

7. Most Stolen Food: Cheese!

In addition to mobile phones, money, and diamonds, it turns
out there lho most stolen food, namely cheese. The reason may be because the
price is expensive and tastes good. No wonder if Jerry really loved stealing
cheese in the fridge!

8. South Indians Roll Over Food Time

In addition to singing, Dancing, and rounding on the tree
(as we often see in Indian movies), it turns out that Indians, especially South
Indians have tradition roll over the leftover food served for Brahmins, you
know! It is said that this as their belief that by doing so, the illness and
problems that exist in life will be lost.

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