Chicken Tortilla VS Crusted Dory

Chicken Tortilla Recipe

For friends - friends who want to eat healthy food, it never
hurts to try the recipe chicken tortilla. This food is perfect for women who
are on a diet. Although this food is perfect for the diet, does not mean no
food is not delicious loh. This food is very delicious and will certainly make
friends - friends addicted to eat it.

Let's see more details about the following chicken tortilla

Food material

    100 grams Chicken

    1 Tomato Fruit

    50 gram Leaves of

    Parsley Leaves To

    Onion Bombay To

    3 Yummy Sour Cream
Eating Spoon

    1 Spoon Eating
Pesto Sauce

    Salt to taste

    Black Pepper To

    Skin Tortilla

Cooking Instructions

    Boil 100 grams of
chicken breast with a small fire until cooked.

    Cut 1 tomato,
lettuce, onion and thin parsley leaves.

    If the chicken is
cooked, remove and cut into smaller pieces.

    For the sauce, add
3 tablespoons of yummy sour cream and 1 tablespoon of pesto sauce into the
container. Stir until everything is well blended.

    Add onions and
chopped chicken meat. Add enough salt and black pepper and stir until all

    Prepare the skin
of the tortillas and put pieces of lettuce, tomatoes, and chicken meat mixed
with onions. Fold the tortillas skin and bake for a moment so that the tortilla
skin becomes more crispy. Enjoy it while it's still warm.

Herb Crusted Dory Recipe

Now I want to share herb crusted dory recipes. For those
of you who have never tried this one food, then you should try to taste it.
Herb crusted dory is a dish made from dory fish with crunchy toppings and rich
in spices. You should try this herb crusted dory recipe this one, guaranteed it
would be addicted.

Food material

    175 grams Dory
Fillet Fish

    Corn Flakes to

    8 Siung Garlic

    Dill Leaves to

    Lemon Skin

    Olive Oil

    Juice of lemon

    8 Mayonaise

    6 Spoonfuls of
Fresh Yogurt

    Black Pepper To

    Salt to taste

Cooking Instructions

    Spread a little
salt on all parts of the dory fish meat and let it sit until the spices seep
into the meat of the fish.

    For toppings, put
corn flakes in moderation, 8 cloves garlic, dill leaves, a little lemon zest, a
little olive oil / olive oil into a blender then blend until all the
ingredients are crushed and well blended.

    Add a little more
olive oil and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to the dough topping for the dory.
Stir until all blended.

    Preheat oven with
temperature 200 degrees celsius. While waiting for the hot oven, baluri the
whole top of the dory fish with toppings we've made before. Then put the dory
fish into a baking sheet that has been closed with baking paper. Add a little
more olive oil to make the fish softer.

    Bake with a
temperature of 200 degrees celsius for about 10 minutes or the color turns
golden yellow.

    While waiting for
his dory fish to mature, let us make the sauce for more delicious again. Add 8
tablespoons of mayonaise, 6 tablespoons of tasteless yogurt, salt and black
pepper to taste, a little olive oil, and a little lemon juice into the
container. Stir until everything is well blended.

    Herb crusted dory
is ready to be served along with the mayonnaise sauce.

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