TAKOYAKI and Japanese Mochi Recepies

Japan is a high-culture country that has tastes and wishes
that are always able to attract the attention of many people. As well as
culinary Japan is always popular in various countries. Like Indonesia that has
developed a typical Japanese cuisine in several cities. In fact, you can also
make your own Japanese cuisine such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki are now in
great demand by the public. For that, you can see the guide with Japanese
recipes takoyaki and okonomiyaki.


Takoyaki are small balls of 3.5 cm or 4 cm in diameter that
are made from takoyaki flour or with wheat flour in which there is stuffing
octopus or any other. Generally in Japan takoyaki contains octopus while in
Indonesia can also be replaced with squid, shrimp, chicken meat, meatballs,
sausage or other.

Takoyaki is made on top of a mold with several round holes,
while the difference with okonomiyaki is made flat like a pizza over teppan. Okonomiyaki
also called a Japanese pizza that certainly arouse the taste. What
distinguishes takoyaki and okonomiyaki is the stuffing, because okonomiyaki
only contains vegetables and can also be added shellfish and squid.

The equation of the two which is the topmost delicacy is
additional katsuo bushi and also aonori which has a distinctive sanga taste.
This Katsuobusi is shavings of skipjack or tuna is preserved and aonori is
seaweed powder.


For takoyaki food recipe, the ingredients prepared are:

    200 gr wheat flour

    2 eggs whipped off

    ½ tbsp baking

    100 ml chicken

    Salt or flavoring

    Octopus or squid
are boiled half cooked and diced

    2 scallion cloves
finely chopped

    Sliced ​​onions

    Takoyaki sauce


    Katsuobushi and

How to Make a Good Takoyaki:

    First please mix
the dough ingredients such as wheat flour, eggs, baking powder, chicken broth
and also salt mixed flat.

    Then put the dough
into a mold that has been smeared with sufficient oil and use medium heat.
Flatten the dough all the way through the hole and then enter the stuffing
stuff like squid, spring onion and onion and add flavor and then replace it
with the dough until it is closed.

    Cook takoyaki in a
way back and forth until cooked evenly. Then serve on a plate and add with
takoyaki sauce and manyones and do not forget to sprinkle with aonori and


As for how to make okonomiyaki not much different from
takoyaki. Because the materials needed are the same. What is different is
okonomiyaki prophecy above teppan or flat frying so it looks like pizza. And
the stuff inside is the most healthy vegetables.

Japanese Mochi is one of the typical traditional cakes of
the Sun Country which is usually served when the celebration of Mochitsuki or
Japan's Birthday celebration. This Mochi has a chewy texture and also soft, so
no wonder if this cake is popular for most people.

Talk about the basic ingredients used to make this mochi
cake is Ketan Flour, which is the glutinous flour which produces a chewy
texture on the Mochi Cake . In addition to glutinous starch, other ingredients
used are sugar, white butter and thick coconut milk. However this time we try
to give a little different recipe with other Japanese mochi cake, we try to be
creative with chocolate marmalade as the ingredients of the contents and also
the white sesame as its output material.

Materials needed :

    300 grams of Glutinous

    175 grams of Sand

    50 grams of White

    300 ml thick pot

    ½ teaspoon Salt

    White Sesame, then
you roast

    Chocolate Jam

    Oil to taste (to
smear the baking sheet)

Well after you prepare all the ingredients, please refer to
how to make this japanese mochi recipe more.

How to make japanese mochi recipe:

    First you mix the
sticky rice flour with salt into the pan, you stir until blended.

    Then you enter
little by little thick coconut milk, you knead the dough using the hands until
the dough was smooth.

    Next you prepare
the pan to steam the mochinya. Spread it with oil to taste. Pour the mochinya
dough into the pan, then steam for +/- 40 minutes.

    After the dough is
cooked, then you stir using a spiral foot mixer.

    Put sugar and
white butter into it, stirring until smooth and wait for dough until flash and

    Then you form a
small round dough, put also chocolate jam into it as a fill material.

    Cake mochi then you rolled into white sesame
that has roasted.


Well like that's the process of making Japanese mochi cake,
please you try it yourself in the kitchen.

Good luck.

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