History behind foods

Food and drink is one of the things that might be considered important for human life, because this food is a source of human energy to perform activities even if there is no food this drink could be someone can die. This is what until now many emerging various types of food used to satisfy humans. But we as consumers can only feel the delights of this drink food without knowing the history or the beginning is not it? Here we will tell you some of the unique food and beverage history in the world.

1. Ice Cream

The first drink food that has an early history of its appearance is ice cream. Many people who from the past until now make this ice cream became one of his favorite food is not it? This is because the ice cream has a delicious taste and deliciously enjoyed during the cold. It turns out at the beginning of its emergence, this ice cream is an ice lollipop that has been modified until now. Originally in 1907 a boy named Frank Epperson inadvertently abandoned his soda and stuck a spoon in his drink. After a few days of winter, Frank finally pulled up his spoon and found a soda drink that had become ice and stuck in his spoon. This is what Frank immediately reported to his parents and Frank continues to be interested in this and continues to develop it into an ice lollipop in antiquity.

2. Chocolate Chips

This one food can be regarded as a snack that much preferred by people in the world ranging from small children to parents. This chocolate-based food has a savory taste, sweet and also very crunchy. Chocolate Chips This cookie is a food accidentally created by a House Inn owner in Masachuets, United States called Ruth Wakefield. At that time, Ruth wanted to entertain guests at her House Inn with baked chocolate cake, but it turns out that the chocolate Ruth sows can not melt so perfectly that some chocolates are still clot. With this error, it turns out that Cookie created a lot we know in today and rasanyapun can be said more delicious than chocolate cake usually.

3. Brownis

Subsequent food which is a food with a unique history is also a food that is also made from chocolate Brownis. Maybe everyone is familiar with the food that is often used as a dessert because it has this sweet taste. It turns out that behind the Brownis we have encountered in this era, at first a young man inadvertently made bread that and brownis this at first is a failed bread products that bantet and have a wet texture. But it turns out this can make brownis more delicious and now we can find various variants taste.

4. Coffee

Drink this one may be very familiar to you who often overtime work or who often sleep at night with a certain purpose. Yes, this coffee drink is a drink that was originally discovered and developed by ranchers in Ethiopia. These breeders are curious about the red seeds that are often eaten by their goats that make the goats become more agile again. This makes these breeders finally try it and discover the sensation when consuming it and from this experiment make the breeders develop it as a drink by brewed into coffee.

5. Pizza

Have you ever wondered where pizza came from, or, what is the history of food making now widely popular in the world? This one food is created from a lower class menu called bread focaccia. Formerly pizza was not even given a tomato sauce or cheese on it.

For centuries, pizza is basically just flat bread with oil and toppings , as reported by the Huffington Post . But that all changed when a queen in a kingdom and a very smart chef managed to lift a pizza as high as to become a very popular food right now.

In one of the most popular stories, Raffaele Esposito, a pizza chef in charge of making a special pizza for Queen Margherita of Savoy, wanted to make a dinner for the royal family. He immediately took the ingredients of typical Italian food, namely green basil, white mozzarella, red tomatoes and other ingredients that until now is a traditional margherita pizza topping.

This popular story that then makes pizza up the class and popular. An Italian immigrant finally took him to the United States a few years later and popularized it. Even pizza can now be enjoyed throughout the community. Because of the popularity, more and more innovations and unique pizza creations are present, such as pizza burgers to sweet pizza.

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