Myth or facts ?

To survive, we must eat. However, often the myths about food make us choose milih food. This is because of our fear of diseases that can be caused by these foods.

Here are some facts about the foods we often consume:

    Myth: Margarine or Butter, Which One Is Healthier?

Fact: Both of these foods have different raw materials. Butter is made from animal fat while margarine is made from vegetable fat. This is what makes margarine has less saturated fat content when compared with butter.

In addition, butter also contains cholesterol and saturated fatty acids that can cause heart disease. While margarine contains lower saturated fat and does not contain cholesterol so it is healthier.

    Myth: Can Ice Water Make a Bloated Stomach?

Fact: Another myth that often appears in the community is ice water can make the stomach become distended. And when the ice water has entered the body, the body will warm it. In the process, the body will release calories. So actually, ice water will not make you have a distended stomach because ice water will actually make the body burn more calories and fat.

    Myth: The Aging Process Can Be Prevented With An Apple Every Day

Fact: Apples contain vitamin C and flavonoids, which are antioxidants that will protect the body from free radicals that can cause damage in the body. In this way, the risk of decreased memory and cognitive ability will be reduced. In addition, apples are also a source of fiber, cholesterol-free and calorie-rich so it can make you slim and healthy.

    Myth: Eggs Can Cause High Cholesterol

Fact: The egg yolk part contains cholesterol but the white part is rich in protein. One trick that can be used to keep cholesterol levels because the egg is to consume eggs a maximum of four eggs in a week. However, you can consume egg whites every day. In the process, you should boil it.

    Myth: Can Chocolate and Fatty Food Cause Acne?

Fact: Many people avoid chocolate and fatty foods because they do not want breakouts. Acne appears due to dirt on the face and the occurrence of hormonal imbalance in the body. So, do not believe that chocolate, fatty foods, junk food, milk and soft drinks can cause acne.

Are you a bread lover?

Not just cheaper, this food is also powerful enough to block hunger while you're in the middle of the journey. Unfortunately, behind the delights, white bread has hidden dangers that should be cautioned.following 5 dangers of white bread consumption for health.

1. No fibers

Fiber in foods is very important because it can help lower cholesterol, keep your digestion healthy, and make the stomach feel full longer. white bread, there is no fiber content so the above function is not achieved. In contrast to wheat bread that still has more fiber and is healthier.

2. Increase blood sugar

White bread includes foods high in glycemic index and is very easily absorbed by digestion so as to increase blood sugar levels quickly. Therefore, white bread is prone to trigger diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

3. Lack of nutrition

The flour used to make white bread does not contain enough nutrients, so it can not meet the nutritional needs.

4. Does not contain enzymes

There is no natural enzyme that can help the pancreas to break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins in the gut.

5. Added sugar

In jam, milk, or ingredients in white bread, there is a high glucose and increase the level of sugar in the body.

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